Refer Karo Cash Jeeto

PredCred – Refer Karo Cash Jeeto – Win from pool of Rs.80,000 Paytm Cash!

We are super excited to launch the new referral offer on PredCred. We want you to share PredCred with as many of your friends as possible. To make sharing the app and growing the already strong PredCred Family sweeter, you will now be able to win cash for every referral.

Every referral will be paid, as soon as a referred user makes his/her first 5 predictions the referrer will be entitled to Rs. 5 Paytm cash. Payouts will be made after every 5 successful referrals.

Eg. If a user refers 50 users will be paid Rs.250. If a user is on 9 successful referrals, he will be paid Rs. 25 for his first 5 referrals, and the next payout will only be made when he does 1 more referral to reach 10 referrals.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Terms and conditions

  1. Payouts will only be made after every 5 new successful referrals.

2. A successful referral will be counted only when the user makes his first 5 predictions.

3. Only if the referral code is used while sign up of new user it will be counted as successful referral.

4. Paytm Cash vouchers will be sent through SMS and E-mail

5. PredCred reserves the right to disqualify any referral for any reason PredCred deems fit.

6. Every referral should be of a unique device, any case of multi accounting will be immediately disqualified.

7. This is a limited time & first cum first serve offer. Any previous referrals made will not be taken into consideration once this offer starts.

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