1. What are Preds and Creds?
Preds are the points you use to predict on matches with and Creds is what you win if your prediction is right, which you redeem at any given point of time.

2. How to predict?
By simply swiping left on the match of your choice to predict on.

3. How to check your Preds and Creds?
By clicking on the wallet option at the bottom of your screen. That shows the amount of Preds and Creds you have.

4. How do I get more Preds?
Prediction, referring the application to your friends, contests, etc.

5. What happens if you don’t login for a while?
If you don’t login for 7 days at a stretch, then 10% of your Preds will automatically get deducted.

6. What do I do if the application isn’t working?
– Make sure you have the latest version.
– Re-start the application.

7. Can I change the bet amount? If so, how?
Yes, you can change the bet amount by simply going on your profile and changing 25 to whatever amount you want and then updating your profile.

8) Can you reset your prediction ?
Yes , you can reset your predictions

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