Create Youtube Videos and Earn.

Hello viewers! We are giving an amazing opportunity to the Youtubers to earn money by creating a short video about PredCred App.  

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If you have a Youtube channel in the sports, earning, tech or gaming space, create a video about our app for your subscribers.
All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps:

1) Create a video about PredCred app and upload it.
2) Insert below app link in the description
App link-
3) Share the link of the video at
4) GET PAID!!!!

We will give all creators cash rewards and also feature their channels on our platform.
Cash Rewards will range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 2500 depending on your channels engagement and subscribers.

No of subscribers on channel Reward in RS
1K-2K 100
2K-5K 250
5K- 10K 500
10K-25K 1000
25K + 2500

What should be the title?

Here are Key points and Titles for your videos:

  • How PredCred App works?
  • How to Predict on live matches through PredCred?
  • How to Earn exciting Prizes from PredCred?
  • How to Predict on Live football, cricket, kabaddi matches?

What should be the length of the video?

The duration of the youtube video will be of 3 mins and more.

Here is the short tutorial for how to make video:

So, Youtubers what are you thinking about, create a short video and earn more! 

You can Reach us at-

Mob no- 7580806681.

Email id–


adminCreate Youtube Videos and Earn.
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