PredCred Referral Challenge

The PredCred Referral Challenge is a simple referral challenge open to all PredCred users.

Under this challenege users will rewarded with various gifts such as Preds, Creds and PredCred Merchandise as they cross referral milestones.

There will be several milestones – 50 referrals, 100 referrals so on and so forth.

For each milestone crossed the rewards will get bigger and better!

Keep Predicting and Keep Referring!

So, Stop thinking and Install our sports prediction app from the links given below given below-

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) cannot be held responsible delay/cancellation in the delivery of your product. In the event of cancellation of product due to stock constraints the creds will be returned back to you.
  • Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) cannot be held responsible in the event of any partner website not being functional. In such a scenario we can reimburse the creds at the option of the user.
  • Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) holds final authority on the disbursement/deduction of ‘Preds’/’Creds’. If any user is found using any malpractice his/her Preds and Creds can be revoked and account can be blocked.
  • Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) holds final authority on the distribution of prizes. If a user is found using malpractice to obtain prizes their prize can be cancelled and account can be blocked.
  • In the event of any malpractice/fraud used by any user to take undue advantage of the system, Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) reserves final authority on the account of such a user. The account can be revoked/banned/blocked permanently.
  • PredCred is in no way, shape or form a platform for betting/gambling. There is no way to lose or win actual money on the app. It is purely a virtual sports prediction platform.
  • Videocon Games Pvt Ltd (PredCred) may share your personal information, based on your in-app activities, with our partners/service providers to serve you better. For more information on the data privacy and sharing aspect please refer to our Privacy Policy.
adminTerms and Conditions
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